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E. Market Street, New Albany Office

E. Market Street, New Albany Plant

Miller Avenue, Clarksville Plant

Main Street, New Albany Plant 

J & J Pallet was started in 1972 by the current owner, Chris Jones, and his friend. They were 15 years old and repaired pallets in their backyard with hammers, nails and a crowbar. They hired an older friend with a drivers license to deliver their pallets.

Today, J & J Pallet Corporation has over 100 employees at multiple locations. Our New Albany location is considered the main plant, and is our used-pallet and recycling center and is home to the Box Shop where custom boxes and crates are built. We also keep a large inventory of reconditioned pallets and crates in stock at bargain prices. We also buy used pallets and grind waste pallets at this facility.

The Clarksville location is our new-pallet and lumber processing facility. Our Viking Turbo Pro resides here, which is a computerized pallet assembly machine. We can build approximately 3,000 pallets a day at this location to your specifications. This facility is also where we buy and sell other raw materials, such as hardwood lumber and timbers.

Both locations have heat treat chambers, with the ability to treat both new and used pallets and crates.

Manufacturing and Recycling Pallets in the Kentuckiana area since 1972.